Aug 11, 2019

Updates and Yeah...

Hey there! 

      I hope all is well with everyone, I’m doing better. I think! Actually, it’s been a real struggle lately again, but a good struggle towards better things to come, which makes it easier. I’m not going to sugar coat it.. when one decides to weed out the negative things in the name of progress, it can get complicated. And lonely, very lonely! However, within the Loneliness & Solitude there were so many things hidden that finally had an opportunity to emerge. 
      I’m very grateful that I quit running in the circles of a rat race that I never agreed to run! Once you stop trying to be the person society expects, or shapes you into, amazing things begin to occur. I started taking better care of myself; I became mindful instead of constantly going over everything in my head worrying or stressing about things that I couldn’t control; I discovered that I am grateful for who I am and the ups & downs that made me who I am today. 

     I truly feel like a new person (all glory to God), that can accomplish anything I set my mind to! I finally wrote my first book, after stalling for a decade. Working to help build someone’s else’s dream for just enough pay to participate in the cycles of spending and being exhausted all of the time, working more.. to spend more, just to end up burned out. I still work, but I only work what is comfortably tolerable for me, and I make sure to ALWAYS put some of my pay into MY endeavors. 
“Don’t let the means to an end, be the the end of YOUR Hopes and Dreams!”


      It took me way too long to figure that out.. and I’m here to tell you about it, and to encourage you to not make the same mistakes I did! 

Thanks for coming by the new website. I know there’s not much here yet.. 
but you can still check out my other website: if you are bored😂.

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