Aug 25, 2019

Five things I like to ask new acquaintances.

5 things I like to Ask
(New Acquaintances) 
By Serenity Mask

Forget about those same old queries about trivial matters. I don’t need to know your favorite color, sports team, or where you work. These things don’t interest me! Tell me something that MEANS something to you!

     Making conversation can be awkward at the beginning of any type of relationship. Could it be that it’s this way because for the most part, it’s usually pretty meaningless and redundant? Small talk is just what the name suggests it to be.. insignificant. Why not cut to the chase and learn something meaningful about someone you meet, while maintaining an interesting chat?

     I want to know something that will give me a peek into who you are.. 

  • Number 1: What is your Astrological sign?
  • Number 2: What is your favorite song? 
  • Number 3: Who in life, has been your greatest source of inspiration?
  • Number 4: Where were you born & raised? 
  • Number 5: Who/what do you have faith in? 
Let me explain why these things matter to me! 
  1. I’m not an astrologer, nor am I an astronomer. I don’t visit fortune tellers and I believe in God. However, the stars and their influence on our personalities are undeniable. I’ve seen it ring true for my entire life. 
  2. A person's favorite song may not be significant to most. For myself, it can be quite telling in many ways. For instance, an older song as a favorite can signify a nostalgic and sentimental type. Where as a current top 40 hit would show a trendier, modern personality. 
  3. This question can be thought provoking for the one asked, which can lead to insight for both parties. We all should have a mentor, a relative that took us under their wing, or a teacher that really affected us. 
  4. Where you come from. As someone who was raised in California, stayed off and on in Wisconsin, and then settled in Missouri this can be important. I’m fully aware of how the cultures and mindsets of different places can influence certain behaviors and characteristics. 
  5. Absence of faith is.. of course, Fatal. We all know that. If you don’t believe in God, or have Spirituality, then what makes you have hope and gives you peace? It’s something that I love to learn about. 

Maybe it’s just me, but learning your favorite color just wouldn’t be of any interest to me to be quite frank. What on earth would that little fact tell me? In my experience, too many people have the same ones anyway. Besides that, what does a color say about personality? Not a damn thing! 

Next time you meet someone new, make the interaction fun and learn a thing or two. How else are you going to know whether you have anything in common or not? First impressions really are important and memorable. 
Conversations don’t have to be boring, forced exchanges about the weather or football. Talk about something great. Exchange stories about topics that will enrich your life or help you gain a new perspective. 

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